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JR    March 25, 1993 - July 17, 2004   "Gone but not forgotten"  

J.R. is the first dog I've adopted. He was born on March 25, 1993 at a shelter in British Columbia. I brought him home when he was six weeks old and the rest of his story is a special one.
J.R. is a Shepherd/Retriever cross which makes for an interesting character. He loves to herd, swim, chase birds and retrieve whatever you'd like him to. There will never be another like J.R. as he is one of a kind in personality and looks too. He is the topic of conversation at dog shows and kennel clubs as everyone takes their guess as to what breeds he might be mixed with. He is a great protector but has a very docile temperment.

J.R. is trained in obedience up to the open level with a little utility knowledge. Thanks to the Australian Shepherd Club of America, J.R. is now able to obtain obedience titles under a limited-priveledge registration from the U.K.C. In December 1998, J.R. received his ASCA CD and also got a HIC with a score of 191.5. Way to go J.R. Mommy is very proud of you.

J.R. is a great associate Berner as he has the greatest patience and love for his Berner brother and sisters and is awaiting more Berner puppies to play with. As he is the oldest, he is also the wisest and the first to tattle on the others when they are mischievious. I can only hope for many more years of great companionship and love from this great boy who was given a second chance at life. If you would like to know about J.R.'s accomplishments and abilities,(therapy dog, obedience work, agility, puissance, racing, etc) please e-mail us.